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Kamis, 31 Mei 2012

Tiffen Dfx v2.0.2 Stand Alone

Tiffen Dfx v2.0.2 Stand Alone Portable

ased on the success of its original award-winning Dfx Digital Filter software, Tiffen now introduces Dfx v2 that now features multiple masking and layering capabilities with its Photoshop and Aperture plug-ins and a host of other features including more than 2000 standard, exclusive and special effect filters. Creative control no one else can even come close to, and there's more!

* 1,000 new filters and special effects
* Masking and layering with Photoshop and Aperture
* Layer opacity, masking and blur controls
* Enhanced color management
* Optimized batch processing
* Local language menus
* New, easy to use licensing system- exceptionally reliable

What's New?
Stand-alone Changes
View > Window > Reset
Resets the window layout the next time Dfx is started. This is useful if you have tweaked your windows beyond recognition.

Edit Layout
The Edit Layout accessed with the View menu or the F3 key now has Presets on the left side of the Viewer and Parameters on the right side.

Horizontal and Vertical Split Comparison
Horizontal and Vertical Split Comparison icons replace the single Split Comparison icon. You can also now drag the comparison bar inside the Viewer.

Mask Icons
Icons have been added to the various mask controls that previously were text only.

Layer Opacity
A Layer Opacity control has been added to the right of the layer name.

A Reset icon has been added to the Toolbar to reset Dfx back to the original image with nothing applied to it.

EZ Mask
- Blur controls have been added for the EZ Mask masks.
- The Generate Mask icon was changed.

Batch Processing Optimized
Batch processing has been optimized for use with longer sequences.

DPX Interpretation Preference
Dfx tries to figure out whether a DPX file is logarithmic or linear based on the file’s header information. Sometimes the program used to create the DPX file writes the wrong information into the header causing Dfx to think it is Logarithmic when it is Linear and vice versa. To explicitly set whether or not the file is Logarithmic or Linear, you can do so by setting File > Preference > DPX Interpretation.

Smooth Animation in Viewer
The Viewer animates images smoothly when they are loaded, closed and when the comparison modes are used.

Color Management
- The Color Management system has been re-written and now operates like other competitive programs.
- If an image has an embedded color profile, that color profile is preserved.
- If an image does not have an embedded color profile, color management is disabled in Dfx.
- The Color Management now makes use of your system's graphics card. It is much faster now.

Photoshop/Aperture Changes
Enhanced User Interface
The Photoshop/Aperture versions of Dfx now look and work like the Dfx Standalone version.

Filter Layering
Filters can now be added as layers allowing you to add multiple filters to your image.

Seven different types of masks can be used to isolate where a filter will be applied. Gradient, Spot, Path, Snap, EZ Mask, Selection and Paint masks can be applied and combined together to form a cumulative mask.

Macintosh Minimum System Requirements
The Macintosh minimum system requirements have been bumped up to Photoshop CS2 and above and Photoshop Elements 4 and above.

Filter Changes – All Versions
- A Subtract blend mode has been added to the Light > Blend menu. This allows you to use the light patterns to add shadow instead of light.
- Light > GamColor Presets have been renamed to Gels.
- The Light > Displacement algorithm was re-written.
- Shapes have been categorized according to their series.
- Shape > Gam Pattern has been renamed to Category.
- The Shape group has been renamed to Gobo.

Nude/FX has been moved to the HFX Grads/Tints category.

Rack Focus
A Threshold parameter has been added to limit the amount of out-of-focus points of light.

A Threshold parameter has been added to limit the amount of stars.

Saturation algorithm has been improved in all filters.

Color Correct Group
The Color Correct group has been added to the following plug-ins:
- Black Pro-Mist
- Bronze Glimmer Glass
- Cool Pro-Mist
- Diffusion
- Glimmer Glass
- Pro-Mist
- Warm Black Pro-Mist
- Warm Pro-Mist
- Glow

New, easy to use and highly reliable licensing system for all editions

New Filters
Ambient Light
Ambient creates light without a defined source and contributes to the overall brightness of a scene without casting shadows.

Close-Up Lens
Simulates close-up lenses that allow you to zoom in extra close using high quality digital filtering.

Dots are circular lighting control devices used to create shadow areas on a motion picture or photographic set. This concept has been extended to a digital flag so that areas of the image can be selectively darkened.

Eye Light
Creates a targeted light to be placed around a person's eyes.

Flags are rectangular lighting control devices used to create shadow areas on a motion picture or photographic set. This concept has been extended to a digital flag so that areas of the image can be selectively darkened.

Gobo is similar to the Light filter except it uses Rosco gels and gobo patterns. The Rosco range presently includes over 1300 standard gobo designs in the following categories: Breakups, Foliage Breakups, Trees & Flowers, Abstract, Graphics, Graphics & Grills, Rotation, Symbols & Signs, World Around Us, Churches & Heraldics, Windows, Doors & Blinds, Boundaries & Wildlife, Clouds & Sky, Water & Sky, Fire & Ice, Architectural & Retail, Occasions & Holidays and Text.

HFX® Star
Exciting and dazzling star effects are generated from original point or reflected light sources with the added glitter and sparkle of these exclusive, natural looking asymmetrical designs and shapes. Great for water scenes, candle flames, street lights and more.

Reduces excessive blue by absorbing UV light and eliminates haze which tends to wash out color and image clarity.

High Contrast
Creates an extreme high contrast image.

Ice Halos
Ice halos are created when small ice crystals in the atmosphere generate halos by reflecting and refracting light. Most notably, circles form around the sun or moon as well as rare occurrences when the entire sky is painted with a web of arcing halos.

Recreates arced rainbows of spectral colors, usually identified as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, that appear in the sky as a result of the refractive dispersion of sunlight in drops of rain or mist.

Creates a warm brown tone for that nostalgic feeling.

Reduces UV light, haze and is pink tinted for added warmth and better colors. It is especially useful for images shot in outdoor open shade and on overcast days.

Soft Contrast
Soft Contrast diminishes highlights while retaining the darker look of the shadows.

Soft Light
Provides soft, digitally diffused and virtually shadowless light.

Warm Center Spot
Combines the benefits of Center Spot with a warming filter making it ideal for portraits and skintones.

Warm Polarizer
Combines the benefits of the Polarizer with a warming filter making it ideal for portraits and scenics.

Water Droplets
Simulates the circular, rainbow colored optical effects produced by tiny water droplets in clouds, mist and fog.

Wide Angle Lens
Simulates the effect of a wide angle lens.

812® Warming
The 812® Warming filter, a Tiffen exclusive, improves skintones and is ideal for portraits taken on a cloudy day or in outdoor shade on a sunny day.

System Requirements
Windows XP Pro, XP Home or Vista
1.0 GHz processor or faster
Intel or AMD processor
1GB RAM (2 GB+ recommended)
1GB available disk space for caching and temporary files
Open-GL capable graphics card
Display with 1024 x 768 resolution or higher (1280 x 1024 recommended)
Three-button mouse

Size: 70.49 MB


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